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  1. Zora is Medium’s online publication about women of color. Their topic areas include: “current events, culture, identity, race, justice, equality, work/life, family, self, sexuality, parenting, psychology, spirituality, career, friendship, aging, habits, love and dating, body image, trauma and recovery, caregiving, hobbies… and the list goes on.” They usually pay $1.00 per word. For details, read their pitch guidelines 403.Edit 2019-10-13Miscellaneous
  2. Business Insider and Insider Business Insider and Insider are looking for pitches for features. Business Insider is a website that covers business, financial, and technology news. Insider is a website that shares all the adventures that life has to offer. According to their features editor 404, their pay starts at $1.00 per word. To learn more, refer to this Twitter thread.Edit 2019-09-20General Interest / News
  3. The American Prospect The American Prospect is an online and print political magazine that “aims to advance liberal and progressive goals through reporting, analysis, and debate.” They welcome unsolicited contributions. They encourage writers to send brief query letters (of 500 words or less) instead of full-length articles. Payment reports indicate that they pay up to $0.25 per word. For details, refer to this page 404.Edit 2019-08-17General Interest / News
  4. Crazytel Crazytel connects the customer’s home or business with their hosted PBX & SIP Trunking products. They are seeking articles on how to setup various devices on their SIP Trunking network. They pay $100 AUD for in-depth tutorials (with screenshots of the device in question) and $50 AUD for short tutorials. For details, refer to this page 404.Edit 2019-06-23Technology
  5. Mothers of Angels 2This market is permanently closed Mothers of Angels 2 is “an anthology of reflections about living through the grief of losing a child.” They are seeking essays (1,500 to 3,000 words) and poems (minimum 12 lines). They want true stories, not fictional tales. They pay $75 per essay and $25 per poem. For more information, refer to this page 404.Edit 2019-07-18Miscellaneous
  6. Focused Compounding Focused Compounding is a members only website for “buy and hold value investors.” They are looking for articles that analyze a single stock. The article should be at least 3,000 words long, have a great headline, and a great image to go with that headline. They pay $100 for the first 3,000 words, and $10 for every 1,000 words after that. For more information, refer to their writer’s guidelines 404.Edit 2019-05-26Finance / Business
  7. Muzzle Blasts Muzzle Blasts is the official publication of the National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association (NMLRA). They pay for “articles that deal with muzzleloading firearms or firearms with historical value, for good instructive or how-to, and similar articles.” They want all the submissions to be accompanied by photographs and/ or diagrams. They pay $100 to $300 for product reviews, $50 to $150 for columns, and $100 to $400 for feature articles. To learn more, read their writer’s guidelines 526.Edit 2019-05-09Outdoors / Hunting / Fishing
  8. Yazirwan SewingThis market is permanently closed Yazirwan Sewing provides solutions to the sewing endeavors of people. They are looking for articles of at least 2,000 words. They pay $50 to $250 per article. Fresh authors are normally paid $50 to $125 per article. To learn more, refer to this page 404.Edit 2019-07-02Hobbies & Crafts
  9. Asbury Insider Asbury Insider is an online source of everything Asbury: music and entertainment, art, design, real estate, food and drink, lifestyle, stories regarding Asbury Park, and more. They pay $20 to $50 per submission. To learn more, refer to this page 500.Edit 2019-03-10Reg­ional
  10. Family Circle Family Circle is a home magazine for women. They publish articles on a wide range of topics including family, home, health, food, trends, and style. According to one payment report, they pay $1.33 per word. To contact them, refer to this page 404.Edit 2019-03-09Lifestyle / Entertainment
  11. TopTenz TopTenz is a website that provides unusual top 10 lists every day. They are looking for writers who can contribute 2 to 3 articles per month. Their articles are usually around 1,800 to 2,200 words long. They pay $75 per article. To learn more, refer to this page 404.Edit 2019-03-03Miscellaneous
  12. Feminists Act! Feminists Act! is an online platform where people can learn about the many ways of taking action on issues affecting women and girls in the U.S. They are looking for written essays (500 to 1,000 words), photo essays, art exhibits, and videos. They pay $50 for essays, exhibits, or videos. For details, refer to this page 404.Edit 2018-12-28Feminist
  13. Paper Cat Press Paper Cat Press is a “curated online bulletin board for artist opportunities, creative campaigns, and tips for modern freelance illustrators.” They pay $50 per article, but welcome the writers to negotiate rates. To learn more, refer to this page 404.Edit 2018-12-21Miscellaneous
  14. Kahini Magazine Kahini Magazine is a monthly literary magazine by Kahini (a writing group that presents writing workshops and gatherings in Africa, the Americas, Oceania, and Eurasia). They pay $100 for craft lectures, interviews, prose, poetry, or cross-genre work. To learn more, refer to this page 404.Edit 2018-12-21Writing
  15. Ephemera Ephemera produces novelty magnets, buttons, and stickers. They are looking for “high impact gems of wit stated in as few words as possible.” They pay $50 for each slogan that they buy. To learn more, visit this page 404.Edit 2018-12-02Miscellaneous
  16. Outdoor Movie Projectors Outdoor Movie Projectors is a website that helps people set up their own backyard movie nights. The website features how to guides, product reviews, guidance on law, and much more. They are looking for contributors who are passionate about backyard or outdoor movie nights and the technology used for them. They pay $25 for 2,000-word articles and $50 for 4,000-word articles. For details, refer to this page 404.Edit 2018-11-25Miscellaneous
  17. Arseh Sevom (Third Sphere) Arseh Sevom (Third Sphere) is a non-governmental organization established in 2010 in Amsterdam, to promote democracy, human rights and civil society in Iran. They pay $60 for articles published on their website, in Persian or English. They promote the advancement of people with diverse beliefs and backgrounds. To learn more, read their submission guidelines. 404Edit 2018-10-29Miscellaneous
  18. DTS Magazine DTS Magazine is Dallas Theological Seminary’s official publication. They publish articles that are “rich in biblical and theological exposition.” They prefer articles of 1,500 words. For print magazine articles, they pay up to $500 and for online articles and reprints, they pay $150. To learn more, refer to this page 404.Edit 2018-09-25Christian
  19. Matador Network Matador Network is the largest independent travel publisher in the world. They have “inspired millions of readers to become fearless travelers and better-informed, more engaged global citizens.” Payment reports suggest that they pay an average of $0.06 per word. To learn more, refer to this page 404.Edit 2018-09-12Travel
  20. Oregon Humanities Magazine Oregon Humanities Magazine is a triannual publication that “offers a forum through which Oregon writers, scholars, and readers can use the humanities to explore timeless and timely ideas and themes.” For shorter department pieces, they pay $50 to $200 and for personal essays and features, they pay $300 to $800. To find out more, refer to this page 404.Edit 2018-09-12Reg­ional
  21. Pet Sitter’s WorldThis market is permanently closed Pet Sitter’s World accepts feature articles on pet care, business-related areas, human interest stories, and education. It is a magazine for pet sitters.  They request feature articles to have a word count of 750-2,500, and they also like three segment serials consisting of 3,000-5,000 words.  Payment ranges from $50-$300 per piece.  Read their submission guidelines here: 404Edit 2019-05-28Pets
  22. Tofugu Tofugu is a multi-niche blog that publishes stories on Japanese culture, travel, and language speaking tips. They encourage regular submissions by worthy writers. They pay $250 for every accepted post, and pay more for established writers. Their submission guidelines can be found here 404.Edit 2018-07-27Miscellaneous
  23. Salomé Magazine Salomé Magazine is a magazine for women writers. They accept non-fiction, fiction, flash fiction and poetry and they run themed issues; check their guidelines for upcoming themes. They have a cap of 250 submissions per reading period. Length:  500-3500 for prose; 100-500 for flash fiction. Pay: £50. Details here 404.Edit 2018-11-12Feminist
  24. Confrontation Magazine Confrontation Magazineis a very established literary journal, with a prestigious background. They published W.H. Auden, John Steinbeck, T.C. Boyle, and many other legendary writers. They pay up to $250 for short stories, $100 for poetry, and $150 for essays, plus more for “commissioned work” To learn more, read their submission guidelines. 404Edit 2018-07-27Miscellaneous
  25. Salomé Magazine Salomé Magazine is a magazine for women writers. They accept non-fiction, fiction, flash fiction and poetry and they run themed issues; check their guidelines for upcoming themes. They have a cap of 250 submissions per reading period. Length:  500-3500 for prose; 100-500 for flash fiction. Pay: £50. Details here 404.Edit 2018-07-27Philosophy and Culture
  26. Confrontation Magazine Confrontation Magazineis a very established literary journal, with a prestigious background. They published W.H. Auden, John Steinbeck, T.C. Boyle, and many other legendary writers. They pay up to $250 for short stories, $100 for poetry, and $150 for essays, plus more for “commissioned work” To learn more, read their submission guidelines. 404Edit 2018-07-27Philosophy and Culture
  27. Canadian Travel Pres Canadian Travel Press is another popular Canadian travel trade publication. Canadian Travel Press is owned by Baxter Media, whose other publication is Travel Courier. In addition to a print edition, they also have a digital version of the magazine. Website: Submissions: Send a pitch to, or visit their contact page.
     Edit 2018-07-27Canadian
  28. Douglas Douglas magazine is a regional business magazine that serves Southern Vancouver Island’s business community. They generally pay $0.40 cents a word. They are looking for features of 1,200 to 3,00 words in length. To learn more, read their submission guidelines. 404Edit 2018-07-27Reg­ional
  29. Persimmon Hill Persimmon Hill is a magazine published by the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum® in Oklahoma. They have a circulation of 5,000. They cover “western art, history, ranching and rodeo.” Payment is $100 to $250. To learn more, read their submission guidelines. 404Edit 2018-07-27Reg­ional
  30. Pennsylvania Pennsylvania magazine is a bimonthly publication. Its content includes material appealing to readers in Erie and Scranton, as well as in Bloomsburg and Bellefonte. Editors look for articles with the “clearly seen” link to Pennsylvania – “tight copy that pulls the reader from the head and subhead through to the article’s last word.” Editors encourage query first. Editors buy first, one-time use rights of original materials and also consider reprints.  Payment is $200 for short features (1,000 words or less, three photos), $310 for medium features (1,100-1,750 words, four photos), and $410 for long features (1,750-2,500 words, five photos). To learn more, read writers’ guidelines. 404Edit 2018-07-27Reg­ional
  31. Inside Publications Inside Publicationspublishes four “hyperlocal” community newspapers (Inside East Sacramento, Inside Land Park, Inside Arden, and Inside Pocket). Editors welcome queries from Sacramento-based writers and look only for stories about people, places, and events in their readership area. Editors do not accept articles about state, national, or global issues. Payment is $50-$150 per story upon acceptance. To learn more, read writers’ guidelines: 404.Edit 2018-07-27Reg­ional
  32. Yoga International Yoga International is seeking articles under 1,000 words about the yoga practice and lifestyle. They pay a minimum of $50 per article and a maximum of $200 for feature articles. Read their contributor guidelines here 404.Edit 2018-07-27Sports / Athletics / Fitness
  33. Australian Shooter Australian ShooterAustralian Hunter, Australian & New Zealand Handgun magazines and The Junior Shooter newsletter are published by the Sporting Shooters’ Association of Australia (SSAA). The SSAA looks for articles promoting the shooting sports. Contributors are paid for first-use publication; but they will not be paid for subsequent use of their work. Editors ask that stories submitted to the SSAA not be submitted to other Australian shooting or hunting publications. Payment is 20 cents a word for 1,500-word basic articles and 2,000-word feature articles. To learn more, read writers’ guidelines:
    Edit 2018-07-27Outdoors / Hunting / Fishing
  34. Exit 271, Exit 271, the new magazine of the Georgia Writers Association, is looking for submissions. Writers who reside in Georgia are invited to submit feature pitches, short fiction, and poetry. They pay $50 for features, while pay for creative writing articles is “on a rolling basis.” To learn more, read Exit 271s submission guidelines.
    Edit 2018-07-27Writing
  35. Room Magazine Room Magazine publishes short stories, poetry, creative non-fiction, and art by “by women (cisgender 404 and transgender 404), transgender 404 men, Two-Spirit and nonbinary 406 people.” To learn more, read their submission guidelines.  Edit 2018-07-27Feminist
  36. Women’s Voices for Change Women’s Voices for Change publishes news, commentaries, personal essays, and expert analysis. They seek to redefine the way women over 40 are seen in the culture. They pay $50 per post. To learn more, read their submission guidelines.
    Edit 2018-07-27Feminist
  37. Salt Salt(Fine Living and Travel on Vancouver Island) is a semi-annual Canadian magazine published by Page One Publishing, Inc. Articles cover the following topics: “high-end adventures,” regional travel destinations, homes and home décor, local cuisine and beverages, real estate and development, art galleries and shopping. Editors buy only original articles and do not consider simultaneous submissions. Payment is 40 cents per word for features (1,200-3,000 words) and for shorter pieces. To learn more, read writers’ guidelines: 404.Edit 2018-07-27Travel
  38. Miami Herald (Travel Section)This market is permanently closed Miami Herald (Travel Section)is a Florida newspaper covering the South Florida (Dade, Broward, Palm Beach and Monroe counties). Although editors do not have “hard-and-fast rules” about what stories they buy, they especially look for articles on “Latin America, the Caribbean, Florida and any destination in which children are an integral part of the experience.” Editors buy non-exclusive publication rights, including the right to publish and republish, and to creative derivative works. Payment is $300 for a lead, $200 for a normal-length article, and $500 for a story/photo package with multiple images. Payment is $250 for a Quick Trip package, including story, “go” box, and photo. To learn more, read the writers’ guidelines. 404Edit 2019-04-08Travel
  39. Parents & Kids Parents & Kids –
    Parents & Kids Magazine is “a resource for busy families, providing real-life solutions, sound advice, creative ideas, and practical information to make their lives easier.“ Based in the Jackson area of Mississippi, it features informative articles, helpful tips, and topics that parents care about. The pay is $25 per article. Check out their writers’ guidelines here 500.Edit 2018-09-04Parenting
  40. The Artist’s Magazine The Artist’s Magazine publishes lessons, interviews, and discussions that relate to art, artists, and artistic processes. They accept snail mail queries for intriguing articles that discuss art in an engaging, knowledgeable fashion. They pay $400 to $600 for features. To learn more, read their submission guidelines. 404Edit 2018-07-27Art & Design
  41. Incomes Abroad Incomes Abroad is a monthly newsletter exploring opportunities to earn all over the world. In their guidelines, editors state, “If you’ve got an income that funds a life you love overseas, then we want to hear about it…If you’ve got the inside track on the nitty gritty of starting a business overseas, have hard-won practical advice to share… get in touch.” Payment is up to $400 for a feature. To learn more, read their writer’s guidelines. 404.Edit 2018-07-26Finance / Business
  42. RackedThis market is permanently closed Racked covers shopping, with a particular interest in “the intersection of politics and fashion and beauty.” They also pay for personal essays. Reports indicate they pay over $500 for feature articles. To learn more, read their contributor guidelines. 404Edit 2018-11-26Lifestyle / Entertainment
  43. Dorkly Dorkly publishes articles about pop culture, covering topics such as anime, video games, movies, and television. They pay $75 per published article. Their aesthetic seems to be a bit “click-baity.” To learn more, read their submission guidelines. 404Edit 2019-03-13

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