Get ready to build your audience…

I am so glad you requested a free copy of my forthcoming book.

I’m putting the final touches on it this week. It will be available very soon!

As you may know, I’ve built huge audiences for my websites. Freedom With Writing, for example, has over 300,000 fans on Facebook, and hundreds of thousands of email subscribers.

There are few things more gratifying than knowing I have a chance to reach people and improve their lives – every single day!

I want that for you too.

Plus, to be perfectly honest, I really like thinking about the nitty-gritty details of audience building. It’s fun!

Right now – I have a question for you:

Why do you want to build an audience? What would it mean to you?

Please share your thoughts right now!

– Jacob Jans

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Why do I want to build up my audience? Simply put, I have been writing my entire life and now I’m finally confident that I can produce a unique perspective on life. Whether it is the reality of the world we now live in, or the many fantasy worlds that exist in my mind.

After earning my MFA in Creative Writing three years ago, I took a break from writing to tend to my health and I allowed a lot of the results from the work I had put in during my studies to fall away, including the beginnings of an audience for my writing. Now, having gotten at least somewhat of a managing grip on my health issues, I feel the need to take up the sword (or pen) once more and there is little point in writing if there is no audience to read the words, so it would be great to have a little help (and a little push) to get myself focused in that area once more. Your generous book offer sounds like it may do the trick, so thank you for that.

Dear Jacob.
I want to build an audience in order to plant the fertile seed to many people, to be readers as well as to have a vast fondness of reading. It is because nowadays people are not passionate about reading books. People s focus is largely based on social networks more importantly young people, like doing WhatsApp, facebook, twitting, etc. Hence, I am of the view that it could be an idea to build an audience. Above all, I am the author, therefore I want to see many readers reading my books.



I simply would like to learn how to build an audience. As a copywriter, I have been running around in circles since 2011 not knowing how to market myself.

Thank you so much for helping those of us in dire need.

May God continue to bless and prosper you.

Hi Jacob
Thanks for the fantastic (free!) resources you provide on your Freedom With Writing platform. I always find them well researched and very useful.
I want to grow the audience for my writing because:
– I put a lot of time and thought into my blog posts and feel they are deserving of a growing readership
– I always get encouraging feedback from my existing audience, with readers saying my posts make them feel more hopeful and lighter, so I’d like to spread the word
– I aim to eventually publish books (self published or traditional, not sure yet) but either way, I want to grow my book-buying base.

Well, I am a new first time parent, who had, still don’t have any idea what am doing as a parent. I learn new things everyday. I want an audience who I can share with my insights, struggles, failures, happy moments and most important feel vulnerable. I am sure there are a lot of them like me out there who fear to be judged for not having figured it all out as a parent. I want to build that community, I want that audience to build one large family.

Thank you for sharing your words of wisdom with us.
I enjoy writing and would like to gain an audience that appreciates my sense of humor which is also mixed with some tears of seriousness. I would hope to impart some sense of lightness where there is darkness.

Just sent my manuscript to a publisher and I know that having a “platform” is critical these days. Trusting your book will help to achieve that.

My primary goal for writing is to share what I know with my readers. I want to motivate them through my works and to tell them that it’s possible to be what they want to be.
I have a reasonable following on Facebook but I want to know how to pen up other channels to share my writing and change the way people think about certain things society defines as taboos.

I think I have so much to share and believe I’m the voice of those who have no platform or the skill to tell their side of the story. Your forthcoming book can therefore help me engage with my people.

All throughout school my teachers told me to pursue writing, but life and circumstances kept interrupting. Now I’m in my own and have built a following on social media. So far the feedback has been mostly positive, but still limited. I want to see if I really have what it takes for a wide audience. I’m a fantasy writer, and though I know the genre is glutted, I’d still like to try to have my voice heard and tell my stories.

I’ve written 36 novels and over 200 short stories.
Now I find them all on Amazon, WITHOUT MY PERMISSION.
So, I’m looking to build a base to stop them doing this to other writers.
We all write for money, but I’ve never had a cent from them!

I put effort into my work. I like to think I have something to say and would prefer that many read it (like it or not) than only a few. There’s also the aspect of money, of course, and while it may be secondary it cannot be entirely ignored.

I don’t really know, but I think it’s because I love writing, and talking, and I want lot’s of people to read and hear me talk.


Conlee stole my answer. ? Okay, she didn’t say exaaactly what I wanted to say, but very similar. I want to share me with the world: all of my ridiculousness and awesomeness and awkwardness and brilliance, and I want an audience so I can interact with others; not just throw my words out into space somewhere, but know that people are reading and benefiting from what I have to say. I’ve had too interesting (read: weird) of a life to neglect to share what I’ve learned and experienced with others! And, I have to admit, I really, really, really like to make people laugh. ?

Just as you l want to improve other people writing skills plus there doing this l now someone will rejoice with me..

I’ve had an extremely noteworthy life, full of drama, and people always respond to anything I share during course of conversation with, “you should write a book.” Well, I’ve given talks on the nature of reality and I’m an artist (painter)..see website below..and now am doing final rewrite on my novel.”Who Took Hannah?” Will be published soon.

I want to share my passion and insight with the world. I want to help people reach their highest potential by. Expanding my audience will help me reach more people. Thank you for your generosity.

I want to build an audience so that, when I send my novel manuscript to an agent or publisher, they have a reason to consider it seriously. There are so many great manuscripts flying around nowadays, I think that publishers and agents want that kind of security before they read. They are already asking writers to market their own books: that used to be why writers went to them! I don’t want to market me: I want the publisher to market the book and having an audience already interested might make them willing to take the plunge.

I want to build an audience in order to create a strong impact and leave a solid imprint by contributing to build love, understanding, compassion, mutual respect, motivation, inspiration and overall tranquility among all communities.

I really love writing.. And I want people know to the value of writing.. Writing makes our mind relax from stress.. I want my audience to know that..

Building an audience essentially means getting to share one’s thoughts, insights, humour and compassion with more people. That gets the conversation going, because the writer has a lot to learn from the readers. And, of course, might be able to trickle an income in the process. I’m all for that.

Thank you for this beautiful opportunity to get your yet-to-be-launched free book on building an audience, I must say it will come in handy for me. I have been one of your faithful e-mail subscribers and I wait patiently every week to read your content. To your question; why do I want to build an audience? I think, believe that every writer should have an audience, a group of people waiting for your book to be launched, those who are overly excited whenever you announce a release and those who are willing to have your book in their shelves just because you are one of their favorite writers. That feeling is enough to answer the question because I want to have that feeling and I believe your book about to be launched will help me feel that. Congratulations on your book and thanks for letting me have it for free. I am most grateful.

Oh my! This looks like what i’ve been looking for in a long while. I will like to build an audience to enable me effectively reach out the world through writing. I’ll be glad to follow you through in what that may entail. Thank you steve for making yourself available

As a “Sassy Senior” I am developing a program to help other seniors recognize how to get or stay healthy by avoiding the poisons in our food supply and reading nutritional labels to know the value in the bottle, thus saving their limited funds, if their sole income is Social Security, as am I.

Growing my audience would give me more opportunity to share my photography and travel writings. It has been long dream of mine to become travel writer and to share beauty and peacefulness.

I Want To Build An Audience So That They Get To Knw Me,So Once They Begin To See,or Read My Work,That They Are Already Looking Forward To it,I Want To Knw What They Think,What Would They Have Done,Or Would Like To Have Seen Differently Done. I Had The Opportunity To Talk To An Author Of A Book I Read,And Do All Those Things For Him,He Actually Ended Up Hiring Me To Do Some Editing Work For Him,And Mentor Me On My Book..So I Definitely Look Forward to Their Opinions,And Critique Of My Work.

I have always been a deep observer and like to think through on various issues and aspects of life from a non-traditional perspective. The best way I have found I can effectively channel them out is verbalizing them by making use of a pen and paper. Likewise, I also desire for the people around the world to approach and reflect about various issues and situations from a different, uncommon and unconventional lens of views.
which unfortunately often get drowned in the sea of mainstream and buttoned-down narratives. In this process of following my heart and passion, would also be rather pleased if I also earn an opportunity to make a decent livelihood from it by attracting and building around a large audience and critical thinking readers, who also like me, love to dive and explore deeper than just navigating along the surface, and who would also get an opportunity to connect with like minded individuals and benefit mutually, from the platform of my work and writings.

I want others to learn from my hardships and mistakes and make a positive impact on their lives for the grace God so freely offers.

To be honest, right now, I really want to build an audience with myself. What I mean is, I’m dealing with a personal issue of lack focus and determination and I know that that has to do worked on first before building an audience can be relevant. However, every writer wants to be heard at the end of the day. No one writes to keep his ideas and creativity to himself. Everyone wants to be understood from their perspective, appreciated and criticized (constructively of course ?). Every writer derives genuine pleasure from being listened to. So, it will be very helpful to learn to gain more ‘ears’.

I want to build an audience that will be engaged, enlightened and entertained. It would mean my dream has come true and no matter how old you are don’t stop DREAMING!

Growing my audience would give me more opportunities to share my humor and inspiration; I enjoy simply lightening others’ emotional load. As an educator it is my job to help people learn to solve problems, and I have fun writing and interacting with followers who share my sense of humor.

I believe there are many people that would enjoy my certain style of conveyance of ideas and stories and opinions and sometimes just plain silliness… The comments on Facebook to my posts and comments are 90% positive. I’d like to expand on that with a wider readership and exchange of ideas.

Building an audience is important to engaging more people in my multifaceted social justice work. It would enable me to galvanize disparate factions of readers into a force for change in the lives of under-resourced children and families.

I have been building a following with my photography and would like to combine my love of inspirational and creative writing with my photos. I am semi-retired now and have time to work on projects that could bring in a little extra income. It has been a long time dream of mine to become a travel writer and share the beauty and peace ( and lessons) I find in nature with others.

Hi Jacob Jans
Author Donna Thompson here taking advantage of your good offer, and it doesn’t get any better than a free copy of your book–Thanks. Coming from you or Emily Harstone one can be certain it’s packed with valuable goodies for any author.
“Why do you want to build an audience?”
Because I’m about to sign a contract with a good publisher who’ll build a website for my work. I’ve been asleep for three years finally waking up to realize I’ve been left behind. Book one although ranked with a high score and called a masterpiece, I was unable to market it due to extreme illness inflicted upon me. Now I’m racing like a racecar around the track no stopping till the end.

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