Get ready to build your audience…

I am so glad you requested a free copy of my forthcoming book.

I’m putting the final touches on it this week. It will be available very soon!

As you may know, I’ve built huge audiences for my websites. Freedom With Writing, for example, has over 300,000 fans on Facebook, and hundreds of thousands of email subscribers.

There are few things more gratifying than knowing I have a chance to reach people and improve their lives – every single day!

I want that for you too.

Plus, to be perfectly honest, I really like thinking about the nitty-gritty details of audience building. It’s fun!

Right now – I have a question for you:

Why do you want to build an audience? What would it mean to you?

Please share your thoughts right now!

– Jacob Jans

51 replies on “Get ready to build your audience…”

I want to build an audience so that I can reach out to many people through my writings which are not only life centred but more so uplifting Christian messages that encourage people to keep going, to keep living and keep looking forward to the best. I simply want to be an encourager.

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